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Review of Local Community and Commercial Radio Stations in Glamorgan Spring Bay, Tasmania, Australia

Glamorgan Spring Bay is a region located in the southern part of Tasmania, Australia. It is home to several local community and commercial radio stations that provide entertainment and information to the residents and visitors of the area.

Community Radio Stations

East Coast Radio - 107.5 FM

East Coast Radio is a community radio station based in Swansea, Glamorgan Spring Bay. It broadcasts local news, events, and music to the surrounding areas. The station operates on 107.5 FM and is run by a group of volunteers.

Triple T - 103.1 FM

Triple T is a community radio station that serves the Triabunna and Orford areas of Glamorgan Spring Bay. It features a variety of music genres including rock, pop, and country. The station also provides local news, weather, and sports updates. It operates on 103.1 FM and is staffed by volunteers.

Commercial Radio Stations

Tasmanian Broadcasting Company - 94.1 FM

Tasmanian Broadcasting Company is a commercial radio station that broadcasts a mix of music genres including pop, rock, and country. It also provides local news, traffic reports, and weather updates. The station operates on 94.1 FM and has a team of professional broadcasters.

Heart FM - 106.9 FM

Heart FM is a commercial radio station that caters to the wider Tasmanian market. It plays contemporary music and provides engaging talk shows to its listeners. Heart FM operates on 106.9 FM and has a professional team of broadcasters that provide entertaining content to their audience.

Chilli FM - 90.1 FM

Chilli FM is a commercial radio station that broadcasts in the Launceston and North East areas of Tasmania. Although it is not within the main area of Glamorgan Spring Bay, it can be received in some parts of the region. Chilli FM plays a mix of contemporary music and provides local news, weather, and sports updates. The station runs on 90.1 FM and has a team of experienced broadcasters.

Radio in Glamorgan Spring Bay

Glamorgan Spring Bay and the surrounding areas have a range of radio stations to choose from, catering to a variety of tastes and preferences. From community radio stations staffed by volunteers to commercial radio stations with professional broadcasters, there is something for everyone in this region.

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